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Vortex Regenerative Blower

Available in compact single or two-stage regenerative units suitable for limited-space installations and small applications.

Long-Life Reliability

  • Cast aluminum impeller and housing for high strength

  • Simple construction with only five major components - base, housing, impeller, bearing & motor

  • Sealed bearings prevent contamination failure

  • Single annular compression cell prevents heat stress failure

  • Double lip elastomeric shaft seal minimizes leaks

  • Fully retained impeller prevents vane fracture and blower failure

  • Single seal gap reduces tolerance requirement and blower failures during high temperature operation

Oil-Free Air Delivery

  • No hydrocarbon entrainment

  • Suitable for healthcare and scientific applications

Less Heat & Noise

Single-sided impeller with single vortex generates less heat and noise than "paddle wheel" designs.

  • Unique annular chamber with smooth laminar airflow lessens noise

  • Aluminum housing offers excellent heat dispersion

  • Built-in silencer

Product Characteristics Compact, Lightweight Design

  • Single stage blower with C-faced motor in a small package

  • Aluminum castings reduce weight

Excellent Performance Range

  • Volumes to 645 SCFM

  • Vacuum ratings to 104" H20

  • Pressures to 108" H20

Available for Quick Delivery, Made in USA

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