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Fabricated Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers/Exhausters

Standard Overhung Multi-Stage Centrifugal:

This is our most popular design and features impellers mounted on the motor shaft. A simple two-bearing design reduces maintenance.

Four Bearing Overhung Multi-State Centrifugal:

The impellers are mounted on the machine shaft, with rotating elements supported by a rigid bearing bracket. Order complete with a standard shaft motor or use your own.

Four Bearing Outboard Multi-Stage Centrifugal:

This model is designed for high vacuum applications. Impellers are mounted between supporting bearings. Outboard bearings are a matched set, one for radial loads and one for thrust loads. The inboard bearing absorbs a share of the radial load and supports a vacuum producer shaft at the discharge end. Order with the motor (standard) or use your own.

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