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Single Stage Centrifugal Blowers

Single-stage centrifugal scroll blowes provide dependable air or gas movement at a wide range of selected pressures and volumes. They offer stable performance from minimum to rated flow without surge or pulsations.

  • 50-10,000 SCFM Volume

  • 0-60" H20 Pressure

  • 0-52" H20 Vacuum


These blowers are designed for many types of plant and process applications, positive and negative, which require uniform pressure air flow over an entire volume range.

Typical applications include:

  • Combustion and air delivery

  • Ventilation, drying & exhausting

  • Air curtains

  • Pneumatic conveying

  • Airborne materials handling

  • Vacuum hold down

Wide Capability Range

To allow quick selection of the best scroll blowers for a specific volume/pressure requirement, Spencer offers an extremely wide product range:

  • 45 standard models

  • 20 fan wheel diameters

  • 7 outlet sizes

  • 2-75 HP

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