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PowerMizer Cast Multi-Stage Centrifugal

The first real improvements in blower technology in nearly 100 years, with uniquely shaped impellers and other advancements that achieve peak adiabatic efficiency above 80%.

  • Five Power Mizer Series with two to eight stages per blower

  • Pressure to 20 PSIG; volume to 25,000 ICFM; power to 2000 HP

  • Choice of oil or grease lubrication in Series 3000 and 4000 blowers, all others oil lubricated

Spencer Power Mizer multistage centrifugal blowers provide high efficiency air delivery in heavy duty industrial process applications such as:

  • Sulfur recovery

  • Air Knives

  • Hazardous vapor control

  • Soil remediation

  • Fluidized beds

  • Central vacuum systems

  • Debris removal

  • Felt dewatering

  • Air separation

  • Landfill gas boosting

  • Combustion air delivery

  • Wastewater aeration

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