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AtomikAir's mission is to reduce energy consumption and improve airflow, air quality and comfort in the workplace all through their high capacity filtration system. Their plug and play system is energy conscious, has a brain for the future, is built to last and has optional washable filters.

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Surgically Clean Air

Surgically Clean Air purifiers are designed with YOU and your TEAM’S health in mind. Designed to mitigate the person to person spread of germs and viruses and to capture chemicals, dust, particulates, VOCs and odors. These units feature a six-stage filtration & sterilization process, large capacity airflow management, sound dampening design and smart control features.

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Sonic Air Systems

Tiger-Vac, with over 40 years of experience, has successfully established itself as a  leading manufacturer of high quality Explosion Proof, Industrial and Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner Systems. With a specialty in tailoring their vacuum cleaners to meet your specialized needs, including controlled or hazardous environments which may require a HEPA filter. Certified ISO 9001:2008. 

Sonic Air has been engineering and manufacturing compact centrifugal blowers and high velocity air knife systems since 1990. As a recognized authority in air knife application engineering, Sonic Air has developed hundreds of unique system designs, many containing Sonic patented and patent pending products, to solve drying and blow off challenges in virtually every industry. Most of the nearly 60,000 Sonic blower/air knife systems built to date come with Sonic’s money back drying performance guarantee, complete CAD design integration available, a 75% energy savings versus most compressed air knives/air nozzles and short lead times.

Howden USA Company (Spencer)

Howden USA Company (Spencer Turbine) has been a leader in providing solutions to air, gas and dust handling problems since 1892. Spencer’s comprehensive product line includes single and multistage centrifugal blowers, gas boosters, central vacuum systems, mobile vacuum units, separators, regenerative blowers, electrical control panels, tubing & fittings, vacuum hoses, valves & tools and other related system accessories. Our products may be incorporated into skid packages—with blower or vacuum producer and separator, mounted on a common base with accessories and electrical controls.

IEP Technologies

IEP/Fenwal provides world class industrial explosion protection for cyclone separators, dust collectors, fluid bed dryers, grain elevators and other process systems. Total packages include the supply and installation of chemical suppression systems, mechanical isolation systems and/or explosion vent relief devices.

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