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Custom Design

We specialize in creating unique solutions for our customers' individual needs. We can modify or reconfigure any component to meet specific requirements. We offer custom designs for the most difficult gas-handling applications - high temperatures to 1100 ºF, corrosive gases, and high pressures to 1000 PSIG casing design pressures.

This application required a high pressure (150 PSIG), high temperature (900 ºF discharge) gas booster (four bearing outboard design) used in a continuous sulfur scrubbing operation. Unusual aspects: Skid-mounted "turnkey" delivery with blower completely prewired and plumbed for installation convenience; combination of oil and grease bearing lubrication; rigid wiring conduit designed for hazardous locations; separate control panel for double mechanical seals; water-cooled bearings.

This package included a 250 HP four bearing outboard blower and required 316 SS extra heavy construction for corrosion allowance. Unusual aspects: bearing vibration and temperature monitors with warning and shutdown alarms; water-cooled bearings with water flow failure alarms; Electronic Modulating Bleed Control (EMBC) for low flow recirculation protection; motor windings space heater to prevent condensation damage during shutdowns; connections of all electrical alarm and status indicators to the customer's Motor Control Center and Programmable Logic Controllers.

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