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Gas Boosters

Eas offers a complete range of Gas Boosters and Gas Boosting Systems manufactured by The Spencer Turbine Company. During more than a century of pioneering in this field, EAS has become the company to contact for any gas application from natural gas boosting to the most difficult applications.

GasCube VS

The heart of Spencer's GasCube VS series natural gas booster skid package is our UL Listed natural gas booster. Using variable speed (VS) drive, it monitors volume from the street, boosts pressure and keeps it constant. All while saving as much as 68% on energy consumption. It is the ideal solution for schools, housing complexes, retail shops, museums/arts complexes, healthcare facilities, office buildings, restaurants, sports arenas - anywhere you need constant discharge pressure to your HVAC building systems.

Gas Cube Skid Packages

The GasCube - Spencer's UL Listed hermetic natural gas booster skid package series - is the answer for efficiently delivering gas at higher pressure. It allows for a fast and easy installation that boosts pressure levels by as much as 83 inches WC with volumes as high as 240,000 CFH. The GasCube packages are designed by Spencer Engineers, factory assembled and tested before shipping. It arrives onsite prewired and prepiped, ready for easy installation. The GasCube package is ready for connection to field power and gas lines and has a compact footprint of 36 inches wide x 50 inches long x 76 inches high for Series 20 & 24 and 34 inches wide for Series 21.

Throw your difficult applications at us, we can provide a booster for:

  • Corrosive and toxic gases such as sulfides, halogens, acids, flue and stack gases, cyanides and ammonia

  • Temperatures to 1100ºF

  • Casing design pressures to 1000 PSIG

  • Inlet pressure to 300 PSIG

  • Differential pressures to 20 PSIG

Hermetic Gas Boosters

Spencer UL Listed hermetically sealed gas boosters have the blower and motor sealed in a hermetic vessel to eliminate shaft leakage. The Spencer hermetic design provides a continuous gas flow around the explosion proof motor, cooling the motor and extending its life.

UL listed Natural Gas Boosters offer the broadest available range of pressures (to 3 PSIG) and volumes (to 240,000 CFH).

Shaft Seal Gas Boosters

To deal with hot, high pressure or corrosive gases, Spencer design and application engineers select from a wide range of metal, coatings and treatments with specific strengths or resistance properties. To restrict leakage, we can offer a variety of approaches culminating in gastight hermetic designs.

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