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IndustraVac Self-Contained Units

Engineered For Continuous Use.


Spencer Turbine Company, specialist in vacuum technology, developed the industravac line based on the most popular and widely specified components of its industry-leading central vacuum systems. Industravac units consist of a multi-stage centrifugal vacuum producer, filter bag separator and dirt can, combined into an integrated system and mounted on a common frame. Stationary units have steel legs and can be connected via tubing to a series of inlet valves to be used as a central vacuum system. Portable unit have rubber-tired wheels for easily mobility as needed for general industrial cleaning, removing conveyor spills, cleaning grain elevators, vacuuming bus fleets and other tough individual jobs.

These rugged units offer a cost-effective alternative to central systems with multiple components. Both stationary and portable units are available and designed for heavy-duty cleaning, machine-side scrap removal, high-velocity dust collection, litter removal and other industrial-strength applications.

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