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Cleanroom Vacuum Systems

The Only Place A Vacuum Cleaner Belongs In Your Cleanroom... Is Outside It.

Consider a central vacuum system for your cleanroom environment so you can ensure 100% efficiency. We can supply a dedicated industravac self-contained system to a full fledged central vacuum system to support other areas of your manufacturing facility.

Portable vacuum cleaners used inside the cleanroom are noisy and never collect 100% of the particulates they vacuum up. What isn't caught is blasted out in the exhaust stream, free to recirculate and recontaminate. What you really need is a central system outside the cleanroom, so that everything vacuumed up is permanently gone.

Spencer central vacuum systems are quiet, powerful custom systems designed specifically for each facility, industrially rated for continuous duty and virtually maintenance free.

We can supply an effective solution for your needs complete with vacuum producer, separator(s), HEPA filters, tubing, hose and tools for cleaning walls, floors, benches and equipment.

As a bonus benefit, the same Spencer system that cleans the cleanroom can help you clean everywhere else - lobbies, hallways, offices, warehouses and factories - you get the idea.

Cleanroom Vacuum System
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