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Car Care Systems

Workin' At The Carwash... The Easy Way

Spencer Industravac Series C Vacuum System. If you are tired of buying vacuum cleaners over and over again, quit! Here is the one-time replacement - built especially for car washes and detail shops in the car care industry. This vacuum system won't wimp out or wear out during years and years of sucking up coins and stones, plastic wrappers, abrasive sand and junk in your fast-paced environment. This is one tough piece of equipment. Place it indoors or outdoors, all year round. It's got a continuous-duty, multi-stage vacuum producer that can be sized for 2 to 10 operators working simultaneously. The two-stage separator handles everything from rocks and coins to cigarette butts and lint. The construction is welded steel with an epoxy-based urethane finish inside and out. And the access door and dirt can are lockable to prevent pilferage.

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