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EcoAir Filtration System (EA-42-HD-208)

"One System, Multiple Benefits"

You may not see it, but that does not mean it's not there... dust that is. If you have a dust problem from your manufacturing process we have a solution for you. EcoAir's EA-42-HD-208 3-in-1 filtration system makes a dramatic impact on air quality in your industrial facilities and warehouses by decreasing pollutants with 1 million cubic feet of air passing through the system every 60 minutes (15,500 CFM). This is the equivalent of an entire house of air passing through the system every 60 seconds - a massive quantity of filtered air all the way down to 0.3 Microns.

As a added benefit, destratification increases comfort in your facility with evenly distributed temperatures and less pollutants in the air and eliminating stagnant air issues. Enjoy faster heat recovery in the winter with loading dock doors opening and closing. In the summer months a hood slides in place to create a cross-breeze cooling employees with clean air.

The destratification process also lowers your energy bills by 20%-40% in the plant/warehouse area and at the same time saves more by lowering your cleaning costs due to decreased particulate and dust build-up.

EcoAir Warehouse_edited.jpg






EcoAir's patented air filtration technology offers the perfect complementary solution to any industrial space with HVAC systems, or as a stand-alone system for smaller operations. EcoAir filtration units improve indoor air quality (IAQ) through a patented filtration process, reducing air particulate by over 50% on average, as well as circulating indoor air to de-stratify warmer and colder air masses. Through this "de-stratification" of cooler and warmer air, the EcoAir system usually pays for itself within the first 3 years by optimizing the value of energy costs spent heating or cooling industrial and warehouse spaces.

EcoAir is a revolutionary product that cleans the air you breathe, increases your comfort and improves your bottom line.


Surgically Clean Air Does Not Make Any Health Or Medical Claims.

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