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Tank Dryers

Each Sonic DRY-IN-PLACE® System incorporates Sonic's (Patented) hot air blower technology to facilitate rapid drying in any application where containers must be rinsed and dried prior to the mixing of powders, concentrates or ingredients in tanks, totes, drums, barrels, blenders, mixers, hoppers or conveying tubes.  It is suitable for large tanks, mixers, valves and piping up to 600 ft3 (17 m3) in volume.  It blow dries surfaces with air heated up to 200˚F (93˚C) by use of only natural blower heat, thereby eliminating the need for in-line heaters.

The Sonic DRY-IN-PLACE® is also ideal for liquid handling containers like IBC totes, tanks and barrels where rinse water must not cross- contaminate the next batch of product, or, where residual dampness and bacteria adhering to the container surface would impair sanitation requirements.

The Sonic DRY-IN-PLACE® works by our (Patented) Hot Air Blower, just regenerated blower air and no secondary heat source, pumping clean, dry, pressurized air at;0.5 to 1.0 psi (3.4 to 6.8 kPa) at air temperatures of 150˚F to 200˚F (65˚C to 93˚C) to force evaporate the inside of the tank, blender, hopper, mixer or conveying tube circuit. It exchanges the entire system circuit air volume at least every 30 seconds.

The Sonic DRY-IN-PLACE® System can be customized per application and ranges from a Sonic Centrifugal Blower from 7.5 to 50 hp (5kw to 37kw) with a hose to a more elaborate system with thermocouple monitoring of the air temperature with digital controls, HEPA filters, cart, power cord and plug and Sonic AE Blower Enclosure for quiet operation. Blower materials include aluminum water-cooled housing, insulated plumbing and explosion-proof motors.  The Sonic DRY-IN-PLACE® System can be used as part of a CIP system or as a portable unit.


The Sonic DRY-IN-PLACE® System requires less energy than air pressure fans with electric heaters.  It also prevents “hot spot” heating that can damage seals and gaskets within the tank system.  It is faster than other drying systems with a typical drying time of 30 minutes.  The result is less tank down time and increased production.  Recently, a major European soft drinks ingredients plant that had been air drying its three large mixing systems overnight found that one Sonic DRY-IN-PLACE® System with a 20 hp blower dried each system in just 30 minutes. 

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