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Air Knife Applications:

  • Drying/Blow-Off

  • Debris Blow-Off/Static Control

  • Coating Control

  • Coating Drying

  • Cooling

Sonic Rotary Air Knives

The Sonic Rotary Air Knife (PATENTED) was developed by Sonic for the blow-off and drying of complex parts. The air knife slot is at an angle of 15 degrees to the axis of rotation, thereby delivering high velocity air at a constantly changing direction with respect to the part being dried. This means that the leading edge, trailing edge and sides of a part can be effectively dried, usually with a single Air Knife performing multiple passes over a part. This saves both energy and space as the Sonic Rotary Air Knife does the job of multiple fixed Air Knives. Stationary or indexed parts or batches can also be dried effectively – usually impractical for conventional stationary air knives.

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