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Deary Gymnastic Supply

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Customer Success

Story :

“It’s minus 20 degrees outside today and we just started our new EcoAir Systems an hour ago, already it feels warmer in our shipping area.“


Walmart Distribution Centers, Calgary Facility - 700,000 square feet

Exceptional comfort for large distribution centers.

Air Quality and Comfort Case Study

Surgically Clean Air
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At the beginning of the pandemic we had the JADE air purifier installed in the bank and the operations center. It has been a game changer. The air is clean and smells clean. It is a comfort knowing that viruses are no longer in our air. Our employees and customers feel safe here. It is hard to put a price on that.

Kate Corey Marcum, Millbury National Bank



We installed the JADE SCA5000C this past Monday. Just after installing it, I sat next to a COVID-19 positive person who was in my cubicle training for 3 days. While we wore masks, we sat inches apart working on the same screens.  The following Saturday I went for a COVID-19 test and was negative. I have to believe that our new surgical quality air purifier kept me safe. This is a purchase that was worth every dime. Thank you.


Steve R., Worcester


The Jade filters have been an enormous help in our classroom.  I have a busy classroom of 12 and having the jade running on high daily has made me feel more comfortable teaching indoors.  It is extremely easy to use and move around the classroom.  I am thankful to have such an amazing tool in my classroom to keep us all safe!   


We have the Jade in every classroom, and it brings a huge amount of comfort! We also have the Cascade in a large common room. That too brings an enormous amount of comfort for our larger gatherings.  We actually had a student positive for two days in school before we knew, and not a single other person became infected. We owe a lot of gratitude to our protocols and our filters! We have yet to have a single spread in our school. Thank you for encouraging us to invest in the Jade and the Cascade!! Money well spent.


Touchstone School Teachers, Grafton, MA


My name is Rob and I want to share my experience with the Jade SCA5000C. As a retired Veteran who has suffered many sleepless nights being diagnosed with severe sleep Apnea and PTSD this product has changed my life. I now am a much happier and productive person, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to attack the new year.


Rob S., Worcester, MA


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“I'm the Facilities Manager for the second largest, indoor, gun range in Texas. We have thirty-seven lanes in five ranges and the Tiger-Vac handles all of my needs and requirements”.

  The Range at Austin – David S., Facilities Manager

“The club loves the vacuum. Very easy to operate and does exactly what they expected it to do. The quality is very good for the price and the fact that it’s very quiet is a huge plus”.


  Delaware Rifle & Pistol – James Bowman

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